Plot , Algarve, Albufeira

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€ 200.000

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      Building land in quiet area

      With a total area of ​​8,000 sqm, this land is located just minutes from the parish of Tunes, municipality of Loulé.

      With feasibility of building a house up to 200 sqm in area plus basement with 200sqm.

      With very good access, located at a high point, overlooking the sea and the surrounding fields of cultivation.

      Close to the city of Albufeira, about 10 minutes by car.

      Albufeira is internationally recognized for its beaches, there are more than twenty beaches, all with unique characteristics, from the wonderful beaches with cliffs to the beaches of extensive sand and golden tone.

      Characterized by its gastronomy based on seafood and fish, as much of the Algarve, it is distinguished by the exceptional quality of the most varied restaurants present here.

      Albufeira presents the most complete nightlife in the Algarve, being recognized for the fantastic nights it offers to all who visit it.

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      Algoz e Tunes
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      300 M2 Land 8320m2
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      Samuel Azinhais
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